About Us

GLx Mobile Technologies Software Development made easy.

It’s true– we love what we do. We enable some of the coolest people on earth to build killer applications without writing a single line of code.

It all began when we started building applications. We enjoy making applications for other people. After creating a number of applications, we realized that building a great application was too expensive, time consuming, repetitive, and complex for all but a privileged few. We often found ourselves wondering, isn’t there a simple and cost effective way to do application development?

That’s why we started GLx Mobile Technologies– to take our years of experience in building successful Applications and package it into technology that empowers developers to build killer native applications with agility, speed, and economy – without sacrificing the quality of a feature-rich digital environment.

GLx Mobile Technologies is a development platform like no other…we find it’s easy to understand when you break it down into two divisions:

  • GLx Mobile Technologies expert mobile Professional Services team can build your app for you – quicker and more economical than other application development company.
  • API Providers utilize our GLx Core SDK to manage and control the Developer/API integration process.

GLx Mobile Technologies platform is built to tackle the tough challenges that most people face when going mobile. But most importantly it’s built by people who love it.