GLx Mobile Technologies software products are a unique fully integrated multi tier, multi level, secure remote application platform allowing cloud, mobile, web browser, in house and cluster based system development and deployment. 

The GLx Core Library is unique by being operating system (Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android more to follow), database, and location independent. 

Education, Financial, Communications and Distributed Custom Application Solution design being key part of the GLx Core Library.  

All client, middleware and server functionality is plugin based, allowing the GLx Core Library to be expanded to allow simple out the box usage, growing to the most complex system integration and functionality. Modules being controlled by the security manager and developer / integrator's account giving market control and direction over GLx Core Library sub systems and expansion. 

GLx Core Library offers application server based technology, with remote installation and version control of required runtime core modules with security based on hardware, initial GLx Core Library application and user credentials. 

GLx Core Library client application has a small footprint allowing low end devices access to core applications making GLx Core Library secure and unique in every way. Only one core place to maintain and manage core development, sub systems and end user applications.

  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Desktop 

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac OS

  • Phone
  • Tablet


A good app should be beautiful, unique, useful and intuitive. Our Professional Services division will guide you through the entire mobile solutions process. Maybe you know what you want but you’re not exactly sure how to get there? We can help you find your way with our Evaluate Phase. We’ll gather requirements, design your workflow, diagram wireframes, produce graphics, build out your backend and databases, test your API's, develop your app for iOS and Android devices, compile/submit your app to the app stores and help you execute the launch of your app, complete with push notifications and analytics. Think of GLx Mobile Technologies as your all-in-one mobile agency.


Gather the requirements, eatablish the scope, Map out the backend, Create wireframe of application basics.


Create the workflow and design the basic user interfaces, create examples of the application views, communicate and collaboration with clients requirements.


Build the server backend, develop application, QA, Testing of Application functionality, get final approval from client.


Submit applications to online stores, Marketing, Maintenance and software updates. 

  • Website products and services coming soon.

We currently use GLx Core Library for all our own  in-house deveplopment, it has allowed us to start new and redesign old projects with a single core system design and structure. Saving us huge amounts of time, and getting a concept to market quicker.  Gary Gray CEO GLx Mobile Technologies (PTY) Ltd.