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SmartScript Editor IDE

SmartScript includes all you need to write, compile and run programs for the Microsoft .NET platform using the C# programming language. It provides a simple but complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Windows and supports the development of console, library, Windows Forms and ASP.NET web applications.

With SmartScript you can:

  • create source code with the built-in editor featuring syntax colouring, code folding and Visual Studio-style docking windows,
  • compile applications in any .NET Framework language with built-in support for C#, JScript, VB.NET and Intermediate Language,
  • compile programs from within SmartScript; warnings and errors appear in the output window for instant location within the editor,
  • run programs directly from the editor and capture the output in SmartScript's output window or run in a separate window for interactive use,
  • use SmartScript's "intellisense"-style Code Assist to get instant lookup of .NET class and namespace members for C# and JScript code,
  • develop ASP.NET web applications using the bundled Cassini web server; get Code Assist support for web controls, inline code and code-behind classes,
  • work with any ADO.NET compatible database; develop queries in SmartScript and get Code Assist support for Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite and MySQL databases,
  • manage multiple configurations for all supported build tools including Mono and older Microsoft C# compilers,
  • develop your own features and enhancements using SmartScript's plugin architecture.